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3D photo frame NSJ-800

Convert photos using a computer on hand!
No more 3D glasses! !


Newsight Japan’s Display Solutions, from 2 inches to over 200 inches ! !


We provide software and management tools for 3D content to meet requirement for 3D Digital Signage.
・Media Player

2D3D Conversion Services

Newsight Japan produces 3D content for 3D Digital Signage from normal 2D content. 2D to 3D conversion will offer reasonable priced content preparation.
3D drama and 3D movie production is also possible for viewing 3D content without glasses. We also provide 2-view based conversion for 3D cinema and drama. The only difference is the number of views.


We also offer rental equipment for 3D Digital Signage.

3D Custom Development (3Dization)

Newsight Japan offers “3Dization” which means custom made 3D panel/display for specific use.
We offer Build-to-order type system to create new business model for our customers.
“3D-Nogra” is full custom made service for Glasses-free 3D solution.

・Large sized LCD panel
・Specific panel
・Large quantity production
・Gaming panel
・DLP product
・LED display